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Nature publishes CBE post-doctoral researcher’s work


Picture Hanieh Niroomand

A recent research by Dr. Hanieh Niroomand, a post-doctoral researcher working under the supervision of Dr. Dibyendu Mukherjee and Prof. Bamin Khomami, was published in Nature‘s highly regarded Scientific Reports. This work provides evidence that Photosystem I (PSI) in synthetic lipid scaffolds can be used for tuning the photoexcitation characteristics of PSI. This helps to understand the role of microenvironment alterations in regulating the photochemical response of light-activated membrane proteins. This research paves the path for the rational design of future bio-hybrid systems that can mimic natural photosynthesis. This work also caught the attention of Nature Research web page and was posted as one of their highlight articles on Facebook page on June 12, 2017, attracting more than 850 viewers.

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