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A picture of sustainable Energy an Biofuels

Sustainable Energy

CBE currently has five highly interrelated research areas in sustainable energy:

• Fuel cells

• Flow batteries

• Photovoltaic materials

• Catalysis

• Bio-fuels

Current research projects include inorganic and hybrid polymeric/biological photovoltaic materials; polyelectrolyte membrane hydrogen fuel cells; hydrogen generation via water splitting; advanced battery design; metabolic engineering for biofuel production; and catalytic CO2 reduction to fuels.

Current Faculty Research

Catalytic Reduction of CO2 to Fuels

Dr. Siris Laursen

Harvesting and storing the intermittent energy of the Sun in the form of molecular bonds promises truly sustainable and environmentally friendly fuels and chemicals. One focus of the work at UT is on developing the fundamental physical understanding needed to rationally design photo-catalytically active semiconductor materials. In the above photograph, COis being reduced to CH4 and CH3OH fuels over a light-activated nano-particulate semiconductor-supported metal.


Dr. Robert Counce


Dr. Brian Edwards

Professor, Associate Head

Dr. Paul Frymier


Dr. Bamin Khomami

Granger and Beaman Distinguished University Professor, Department Head

Dr. Michael Kilbey


Dr. Siris Laursen

Assistant Professor

Dr. Stephen Paddison

Professor, Gibson Endowed Chair in Engineering

Dr. Arthur Ragauskas

Professor, Governor’s Chair in Biorefining

Dr. Joshua Sangoro

Assistant Professor

Dr. Cong Trinh

Assistant Professor

Dr. Tom Zawodzinski

Governor’s Chair Professor


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