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Safety and Technology Resources

Safety Resources

CBE is committed to the safety of its faculty, staff, students, and visitors. A mandatory Safety Seminar is given annually and best safety practices are taught and followed throughout the department.

CBE’s Safety Seminar is usually held the first Tuesday after the beginning of the fall semester in Room 404 of the Min H. Kao Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Building.

Please direct any CBE safety concerns or questions to our departmental safety officer, Associate Professor Paul Dalhaimer, at 865-974-2789 or

Technology Resources

Microsoft Imagine

Contact Brock Ellis to request your Microsoft Imagine user account. Please provide the anticipated date of your graduation and specify that you are a CBE student.

HYSYS / Aspen Plus

For the distribution of Aspentech products we use Google Drive. To be added to the CBE Software Distribution Google Drive Group please contact Brock Ellis.


For the distribution of OLI products we use Google Drive. To be added to the CBE Software Distribution Google Drive Group, please contact Brock Ellis.

SuperPro Designer

We also use Google Drive for the distribution of Super Pro Designer. Contact Brock Ellis to be added to the CBE Software Distribution Google Drive Group.

Request for a NetID for a Person

The NetlD (Network Identifier) and its associated password is used to access network-based services at the University of Tennessee. These may include e-mail accounts, wireless network access, library database access, and a number of other services. Request a NetID here.

Request to sponsor a person for OIT services

Access to computing and network services provided by the Office of Information Technology (OIT) is extended automatically to University of Tennessee faculty, staff, and students as they enter the payroll or student information systems. Faculty and staff must be paid through the university payroll system. Students must be enrolled in classes for the current semester. Occasionally, a department may have a person who is not paid through the university, but is doing useful work for the university (a contractor, for example) and who needs access to computing and network services. A department may sponsor such a person for access by filling out the Sponsor Request form, with renewal of sponsorship due on a fiscal-year basis.