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Biomolecular Engineering

Student working with Cong Trinh in the lab

Biomolecular Engineering

Several faculty members have research programs at the interface of engineering and biology. Areas of research include protein engineering to manipulate surface displayed proteins for elucidating molecular recognition in the immune response; experimental engineering of photosynthetic systems to biologically produce hydrogen; and experimental and computational analysis of cell biological phenomena.

Research Thrusts

Computation Model

Computational Bioengineering and Biophysics Research

Theoretical and computational methods across scales to address physical, chemical, and biological phenomena.

Scientist Holding Specimen

Molecular and Cellular Bioengineering and Nanobiotechnology Research

The research seeks to understand and harness biological processes from molecular to cellular levels.

Virus graphic

Systems and Synthetic Biology Research

The research seeks to understand and harness complex cellular systems for industrial biocatalysis and disease prevention.