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Sustainable Energy

Aerial view of solar power station

Sustainable Energy

Our research program in sustainable energy has five highly interrelated research areas including fuel cells, flow batteries, photovoltaic materials, catalysis, biocatalysis, and bio-fuels. Some current research projects include inorganic and hybrid polymeric/biological photovoltaic materials; polyelectrolyte membrane hydrogen fuel cells; hydrogen generation via water splitting; advanced battery design; metabolic engineering for biofuel production; and catalytic CO2 reduction to fuels.

Research Thrusts

Biomass Production Representation

Biomass Based Products

We are exploring the principles of catalytic and biocatalytic conversion of biomass to biofuels, biochemicals and materials.

Gila Stein using a Microscope

Materials for Energy Applications

Our program is focused on developing novel materials for energy harvesting, transport and storage, and conversion.

Renewable Energy Scale against Fossil Fuels

Energy Conversions and Storage

Our program is focused on understanding and optimizing engineering processes in electrochemical devices such as batteries.