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Biomolecular Concentration

Student holds a test tube.

Biomolecular Concentration

The role of biology in chemical engineering has increased dramatically over the past 20 years. The original “three legs” of traditional chemical engineering have been chemistry, physics, and mathematics. However, the ability of biology to provide new, more efficient, highly selective routes to increasingly complex molecules used in the chemical process industry has led to a fourth leg: biology. In recognition of the importance of biology, we offer a concentration in biomolecular engineering. Students pursing this concentration take the same required courses as those not pursing the option, but have a prescribed list of technical electives. For more information, see the Biomolecular Concentration page in UT’s Undergraduate Catalog.

Honors Program

Qualifying students are encouraged to pursue the Honors Concentration. For current information about the Departmental Honors Concentration, visit the Chemical Engineering Honors Concentration page.