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Duane D. Bruns

Duane Bruns

Duane D. Bruns

Associate Professor

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Duane Bruns


  • ChE, University of Minnesota, 1971
  • ChE, University of Houston, 1974


Duane Bruns

Process dynamics, control, optimization and automation provide the focus and motivation for his research. Projects range from new theoretical developments to laboratory demonstrations through industrial implementation. Most projects are based on real world problems by interacting with industrial companies and MCEC.

Chaotic Processes and Interactive Control
Recent developments in characterizing chaotic states provides the opportunity to implement feedback control. A goal is to have the first industrial Interactive Feedback Control applications; potential processes include fluidized beds with reaction, distillation columns chemical reactors, pulsed combustors, arc melters, and polymer processing operations. This research activity is interdisciplinary.

Mechanical Engineering and Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Applied Process Automation Laboratory
Process simulations, laboratory mini-plants and unit operations are used with industrial hardware and software. Over $500,000 of industrial programmable hardware has been donated by Siemens Industrial Controls. WonderWare, DuPont, Control Technology and MCEC also are strong supporters. The lab has eight state-of-the-art design workstations with controllers. John Arnold is an active collaborator.

Wavelet Neural Network
The "WaveNet" uses neural net architecture, along with, wavelet theory to develop new design procedures for selecting the number of neurons and their parameters before training. Both of these aspects are missing in current neural net theory. Applications include nonlinear system identification, model based control, expert system capture, and chaotic system state prediction.


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