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S. Michael Kilbey II

Michael Kilbey.

S. Michael Kilbey II


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Michael Kilbey.

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  • PhD, University of Minnesota (1996)
  • BS, University of Wisconsin (1990)


Michael Kilbey.

S. Michael Kilbey II received his BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin in 1990 and his PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota. Prior to joining the University of Tennessee (UT), he was on the faculty of Clemson University in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering for 11 years. Mike is active nationally with ACS and AIChE, and a member of Sigma Xi.


Michael Kilbey.

The principal area of Kilbey’s research is surface and interface engineering using soft materials. We focus on studying the intrinsic links between assembly, structure and properties of ultrathin polymer films at surfaces and of molecular assemblies in solution. Our challenge is to understand the design rules whereby controllable, precise syntheses coupled with the ability to manipulate molecular assembly and intermolecular interactions lead to new and useful structures, properties, and products. We use a variety of characterization methods to probe structure and interactions on length scales approaching molecular dimensions, including surface forces measurements and neutron reflectivity, and we also use in situ ellipsometric measurements to track dynamics of assembly and changes in solvated structure of surface-tethered polymer thin films.

Areas of Research Expertise:

  • Assembly-structure-property relationships of polymer brushes made by self-assembly and by surface-initiated polymerizations
  • Swelling behavior of stimuli-responsive polymer layers and dynamics of preferential adsorption of amphiphilic block copolymers
  • Surface behavior and characterization of conducting polymer thin films


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