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Get to Know CBE PhD Graduates: Monireh Asoudeh

This is one in a series of Q&As with recent graduates of the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (CBE) PhD program. The graduates discuss where they are now, how the CBE program helped them get there, and their future goals.

Monireh Asoudeh (’22) is currently a research scientist at Stanford University’s School of Medicine.

Monireh Asoudeh in her graduation gown with sashesHow did you find out about the CBE PhD program?
“My bachelor advisor recommended me to apply for UT. He had another student who was studying for her PhD in CBE at that time.”

Why did you choose UT’s PhD program?
“I was looking for an opportunity that would help me in developing my research skills and learning new necessary knowledge. I found that Dr. Paul Dalhaimer’s lab had that opportunity for me, which fit with my research interests as well.”

What were the most valuable things you took away from the PhD program?
“Finding that scientific view helped me to prepare for my future along with all the skills I learned and practiced during all those years.”

Was there someone who significantly helped you along your path at UT?
“I deeply appreciate my former PI [Principal Investigator], Dr. Dalhaimer, who is head of the laboratory or leader of the research group] and supported me during my time at UT. He gave us the opportunity to find our own way to learn, research, and lead our projects.”

How did the PhD program impact your life?
“It was a beginning point to starting my career as a scientist.”

What advice would you give to those considering UT’s PhD program?
“My advice is that if you are considering any type of research, you should look for active groups and departments in your interested area. Active groups create better opportunities for students to find resources to grow and become ready for their future career.”

How did UT help you reach your current position?
“UT helped me learn and practice until I became pretty much an expert in doing what I’m doing.”

What are your future goals in your profession?
“I’m seeking to use and expand my knowledge every day to help with cancer treatment.”


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