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Advincula Receives IOM3 Fellowship Honor

UT-ORNL Governor’s Chair Professor Rigoberto Advincula has been awarded the grade of fellow by the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3).

The honor recognizes those who have made a significant contribution or established a record of achievement in the materials, minerals or mining fields, or other disciplines within the technical outreach of IOM3.

“The IOM3 appointment helped solidify my resolve to contribute to the training of future materials researchers and engineers at the vanguard of science and engineering,” Advincula said. “I really appreciate my past research group members, students, and collaborators for helping me achieve this status at IOM3.”

Advincula is a leading figure in the realm of advanced materials, polymers, and nanomaterials. His areas of research include utilizing the structure and functionalities of materials on a near-atomic scale, characterizing, and developing new materials sensors, optics, biotechnology, biomedicine, energy production, and advanced manufacturing.

Advincula was nominated for the IOM3 fellow by Richard Spontak of North Carolina State University.

Last month, Advincula was elected a National Academy of Inventors Fellow.


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