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Associate Professor Joshua Sangoro and his team have made some of the first observations of a new, but previously theorized, form of matter that exists between liquid and solid.

Gila Stein’s lab works with self-assembling block copolymers that contain ionic or semiconductive segments. These materials combine the mechanical properties of […]

Photosystem I (PSI) is a potential candidate for integration into bio-hybrid solar energy harvesting devices, but orchestrating such integration rests […]

Foundational study from Thomas Zawodzinski’s research team that presents a framework for describing behavior of ion exchange membranes exposed to […]

The large heat release predicted in the investigations of Al NPs used in solid-state propulsion and pyrotechnics has been offset […]

Fundamental studies showcasing how to tune ion transport in ionic liquids using knowledge of the local structure and dynamics. These […]

Associate Professor Joshua Sangoro was selected by the National Science Foundation as a 2018 recipient of its prestigious CAREER award.