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Patchy particles are one of most important building blocks for hierarchical structures because of the discrete patches on their surface […]

Self-assembling multiblock copolymers with a partially sulfonated midblock show promise as membranes in proton-exchange fuel cells, flow batteries and water […]

Associate Department Head Brian Edwards and Department Head Bamin Khomami recently published research titled “A method for calculating the nonequilibrium […]

SR-BI, the receptor for high-density lipoprotein (HDL; “good cholesterol”) is one of the most sought after targets for treating metabolic […]

By analyzing the genetic diversity of undomesticated Y. lipolytica strains, coupled with detailed strain characterization and proteomic analysis, Associate Professor […]

By discovering and simply twisting a single amino acid in alcohol acetyltransferases, Associate Professor Cong Trinh’s team presents an innovative […]

Modeling of commercial-grade polymers in atomistic detail faces challenges due to the requirements of large system sizes and extreme simulation […]

Steve Abel’s research group has discovered that polymer adsorption on membrane vesicles can significantly impact both polymer and vesicle shapes, […]

Gila Stein’s lab works with self-assembling block copolymers that contain ionic or semiconductive segments. These materials combine the mechanical properties of […]

Photosystem I (PSI) is a potential candidate for integration into bio-hybrid solar energy harvesting devices, but orchestrating such integration rests […]