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SR-BI, the receptor for high-density lipoprotein (HDL; “good cholesterol”) is one of the most sought after targets for treating metabolic […]

Steve Abel’s research group has discovered that polymer adsorption on membrane vesicles can significantly impact both polymer and vesicle shapes, […]

Esters are versatile chemicals with broad applications as flavors, fragrances, solvents, and biofuels. By using bioinformatics and enzymatic characterization, Cong […]

Cong Trinh’s lab developed novel microbial cell factories capable of producing lactate esters from fermentable sugars. This finding opens new […]

Ferguson Faculty Fellow Cong Trinh’s research combines a wide range of math, science, and computing with the goal to reduce lag times in identifying and responding to diseases.

Associate Professor Steven Abel and his group create physical or mathematical models, helping researchers gain a better understanding of how cells behave.

Associate Professor Paul Dalhaimer is researching the molecular mechanisms governing the onsets of obesity and type 2 diabetes.