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Associate Professor Steven Abel is teaching students to use mathematical and computational tools to study cell biology in his new first-year seminar, Exploring COVID-19.

Research by Ferguson Faculty Fellow Cong Trinh was highlighted on the DOE Office of Science’s website.

Several undergraduate students presented their research at the second annual CBE Undergraduate Research Poster Presentation on March 12.

Arthur Ragauskas, UT-ORNL Governor’s Chair for Biorefining, and his team lead a breakthrough study in biofuels that has been celebrated by his peers.

CBE senior Lam Vo overcame many challenges and discovered his passion working in a UT research laboratory.

Manolis Doxastakis’ research in multiscale computational modeling is building bridges between what exists and what’s possible.

Associate Professor Siris Laursen’s research using computers to explore possible catalysts at the atomic level has lead to breakthroughs by taking new approaches to science.

Ferguson Faculty Fellow Cong Trinh’s research combines a wide range of math, science, and computing with the goal to reduce lag times in identifying and responding to diseases.

Associate Professor Steven Abel and his group create physical or mathematical models, helping researchers gain a better understanding of how cells behave.

Associate Professor Joshua Sangoro’s research will lead to a safer way to power technology using broadband dielectric spectroscopy.