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Cong Trinh and his research team elucidate and control proteome reallocation in living cells to enable the selective de novo […]

Cong Trinh and his research team developed the Gene Co-Expression Connectivity (GeCCo) method to predict gene targets underlying high ionic […]

By analyzing the genetic diversity of undomesticated Y. lipolytica strains, coupled with detailed strain characterization and proteomic analysis, Associate Professor […]

By discovering and simply twisting a single amino acid in alcohol acetyltransferases, Associate Professor Cong Trinh’s team presents an innovative […]

Cong Trinh and his research team discovered exceptional solvent tolerance in Yarrowia lipolytica is enhanced by sterols. This finding enables […]

Ferguson Fellow and Associate Professor Cong Trinh is developing a method to improve the time involved in both identification and removal of pathogens through the concept of a Virulent Pathogen Resistance program, or ViPaRe.

Associate Professor Steven Abel’s research group uses theoretical and computational methods to understand how biological cells interact with their environment.