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Associate Professor Joshua Sangoro and his team have made some of the first observations of a new, but previously theorized, form of matter that exists between liquid and solid.

Associate Professor Joshua Sangoro, Senior Advisor Kerri Cline, and several students were recognized at the 2021 Chancellor’s Honors Banquet.

Associate Professor Joshua Sangoro and doctoral student Matthew Harris made a discovery that may improve the understanding of the nature of liquid–liquid transitions.

Fundamental studies showcasing how to tune ion transport in ionic liquids using knowledge of the local structure and dynamics. These […]

Joshua Sangoro and Siris Laursen earned promotions and tenure as the Tickle College of Engineering leans into the fall semester.

Two CBE faculty members were honored at the Tickle College of Engineering’s 2019 Faculty and Staff Awards dinner, held April […]

Associate Professor Joshua Sangoro’s research will lead to a safer way to power technology using broadband dielectric spectroscopy.

Associate Professor Joshua Sangoro was selected by the National Science Foundation as a 2018 recipient of its prestigious CAREER award.